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My family, mom dad me and my brother.
They are my closest family, but still live with my grandfather's uncle.
All very much. My mom is my authority and role model. Is low, has blue eyes and has short black hair. Tata blond hair, blue eyes, and also is of average height and my brother. He is younger than me. goes to 6th grade. My family is loving and supporting me every step and helps. I am strongly connected to them emotionally. When mom goes abroad it is hard to me with her. Always after she left I care about her responsibilities. Much love my family !!!!!!


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My name is Kamila Lichota and I am 15 years old.
I'm average height, not too fat not too skinny
I have long blond hair, blue eyes.
I have many passions and interests, for example, I really like sports such as:
- Volleyball, basketball, swimming, jogging.
My favorite subjects at school, English, history, Polish science.
I like to listen to music and watch TV.
I have many friends whom I love.
My favorite dish is chicken soup but I hate spinach.
Decided to write this blog after angilesku because I really like this language and I would like to educate him.
In the future I would like to be someone great and serve other people.


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